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Well-rounded aid to unaccompanied minor immigrants

The International Foster Care (IFC) Program assists unaccompanied minors who do not have adult caregivers. The program partners with foster families to provide a safe, nurturing, and culturally sensitive environment that equips and empowers them to reach their full potential. IFC provides services to meet the needs of each youth. These services include tutoring, mentoring, independent living skills training, cultural activities, legal assistance, mental health services, intensive case management and education/ESL classes.

  Who We Serve 

  Currently, our International Foster Care provides homes for minors from Congo, Somalia,
  Eritrea, Burma, Guatemala and Mexico. These youth are usually 15-17 years old and are
  in vulnerable situations. Their stories of survival can be painful to hear, yet full of faith
  and determination.

  Can I Become a Foster Parent? 

  We are in need of adults and families to help these young people! Become a foster 
  parent and have your home licensed to welcome these youth when they arrive.

  Applicants must be 25-65 years of age and meet standard guidelines in various
  categories, including personal documentation, assessments, living situation, and
  available resources. 

  Once approved, we will help you complete your 36 hours of training and pair you with a
  CCFW home developer for a home study.

  Detailed foster parent requirements »

  Expectations for foster parents »

  Foster Parent Application »

  Partnered for Success

  The youth referred to Catholic Charities Fort Worth are identified through the U.S. Office 
  of Refugee Resettlement and its Unaccompanied Children's Services program. We also
  partner with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to provide all children with

  the most comprehensive services possible.

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  Contact Us 

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  Locate Us 

  International Foster Care
  Catholic Charities Fort Worth
  249 West Thornhill Drive
  Fort Worth, TX 76115

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  Can't be a foster parent? 
  You can still make a difference!  

  • Volunteer as a cultural mentor or educational

  • Host an outing or party for the youth (ex. soccer game,
    bowling, swim party)

  • Donate - welcome boxes, school supplies, gift cards
    for clothing, or sporting equipment

  • Spread the news - Tell
    others about this great opportunity and how they
    can get involved